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Default Anthony Gagliardi Wins FLW Table Rock Lake

Anthony Gagliardi has endured a long dry spell, but jerkbaited his way to victory to regained momentum this year.

Gagliardi's jerkbaits were deeper-diving Lucky Craft Pointers.

The first 2 days, he went to the bank to try to get a quick limit on what he felt were the more reliable fish. "I fished the DD Pointer 78 closer to the bank the first 2 days," he said. It produced decent weights, and he made the Top 10 cut in 8th place.

He didn't feel like he did anything much different from other competitors – he just covered a lot of water along likely looking shoreline structure like points, pockets, and both steep and flatter rocky banks. He'd start the next day on places he caught fish the day before, then spend the rest of the day just running new water he hadn't been to before.

"I spent half my day up one river arm, and then half my day in the other," he noted. "I caught my bigger fish in the James River, but the White produced more solid numbers of keepers. I fished one creek in the White and some main-river stuff in the James.

"It wasn't really my plan to run to both of those rivers," he said. "I don't like to do a lot of running. I had to run down one and back up the other and that was wasting a lot of time. I was hoping that I'd be able to figure something out so I'd only have to go to one river, but that never materialized."

"I definitely think moving out deeper was key to catching fish on the calm days," he added. "Those deeper fish weren't as affected by the lack of wind."

By the time the tournament was over he'd boxed another 14-pound limit and it was enough to overcome a stumble by day-3 leader Scott Canterbury, and a struggling Scott Suggs.

Winning Gear:

DD Pointer 78 gear: 7' medium-action Kistler Helium II spinning rod, Shimano Stradic spinning reel, 6-pound Gamma Edge fluorocarbon, Lucky Craft DD Pointer 78 (Chartreuse Shad).

DD Pointer 100 gear: 6'9" medium-heavy Kistler Helium II rod, Shimano Core casting reel, 8-pound Gamma Edge fluorocarbon, Lucky Craft DD Pointer 100 (Chartreuse Shad).

The Field:

Scott Suggs:

Suggs’ bread and butter in the morning was to swim a 4-inch Berkley Hollow Belly swimbait through schools of suspended spotted bass over 130 feet of water. His unique swimbait rig consisted of threading the little Hollow Belly on a Jewell Bait Company -ounce jighead and securing the swimbait on the jighead with his own homemade bait-keeper system – something Suggs plans to keep under wraps for while. He then fished the setup on 12-pound-test Trilene 100% fluorocarbon.

After getting a limit of spotted bass early (usually by 9 a.m. each morning), Suggs would then cull up by casting and swimming a -ounce Frank Divis jig on channel-swing banks

Swimbait gear: 6'8" heavy-action Team All Star rod, Abu Garcia Revo STX casting reel (6.4:1), 12-pound Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon, 7/16-ounce homemade weedless jighead, 4" Berkley Hollow Belly swimbait (gizzard shad).

Jig gear: 7'2" heavy-action All Star ASR rod, Abu Garcia Revo STX casting reel (6.4:1), 15-pound Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon, 3/4-ounce Frank Divis jig (green-pumpkin), unnamed twin-tail grub (green-pumpkin).

Scott Canterbury:

It just was not my turn, again,” said Canterbury. “I fished flawless all day today – I got my three keeper bites in the boat – that’s all I can do. But now I’m in contention for Angler of the Year, and honestly, that would be a bigger accomplishment for me than winning a tournament. I know we still have a long season ahead of us, but if you were to give me a choice between my first win and an Angler of the Year title – I’d take the Angler of the Year.”

Canterbury spent the week fishing far up the White River, throwing Wiggle Warts and a jig.

He used a Humminbird Side Imaging unit to find isolated rocks in the transition areas. With his electronics, he could cast to the rocks without running the boat over the tops and spooking the fish.

“I was fishing the steepest banks I could find, leading into the backs of spawning pockets,” he said. “The best banks were the steep ones that had big rock mixed in with pea gravel. I kept my boat in 10 to 12 feet, and I was trying to hit rocks in 4 to 5 feet with the Wiggle Wart.”

Jig gear: Fenwick Elite Tech Flippin' Stik, Abu Garcia Revo STX casting reel, 15-pound Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon, 3/8-ounce Berkley Gripper Ike's Finesse jig (green-pumpkin), 3" Berkley Chigger Chunk (green-pumpkin).

Crankbait gear: 6'10" Fenwick Elite Tech Target Rod, casting reel, 8- to 12-pound Abu Garcia Revo Winch, Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon(varied by depth), Storm Wiggle Wart (crawfish when cloudy, phantom brown when sunny).

Dan Morehead:

Morehead spent his week in the midlake area, just before the rivers split.

He alternated between a MegaBass Vision 110 jerkbait in “pro blue” and a Storm Wiggle Wart, both tied to 8-pound-test P-line. The jerkbait accounted for roughly 85 percent of his keepers weighed.

“My best places were channel-swing banks with submerged cedar trees,” Morehead explained. “I’d keep my boat out in about 20 feet of water and make long casts over about 10 feet of water.”

Jerkbait gear: 6'6" medium-fast American Rodsmiths Topwater Series rod, Shimano Calais casting reel (6.2:1). 8-pound P-Line mono (green), Megabass Vision 110 jerkbait (pro-blue with some chartreuse on the belly).

Crankbait gear: 7' medium-action American Rodsmiths Titanium H3 trout rod ("It was built for offshore speckled trout and is a very limber rod. You can throw that Wiggle Wart clear out of sight with it."), Shimano Calais casting reel (5:1), same line, Storm Wiggle Wart (natural green crawfish for cloudy days, and phantom green craw when sunny).

David Walker:

Walker was fishing up the James River with a Wiggle Wart and -ounce jig most of the week. His jig was tied to 22-pound Sunline fluorocarbon, and the Wiggle Wart paired best with 10-pound-test Sunline.

“The jig really did most of the damage this week,” Walker said. “And I went with a heavy jig for the sake of speed – I needed to get it to the bottom fast because I was covering a lot of water each day, and I didn’t have time to wait on it. The bite was all a reaction bite around transition rock banks.

Crankbait gear: 7'6" 3-power G. Loomis CBR cranking rod, Shimano Calais 201 left-handed reel (he's right-handed), 10-pound Sunline mono, Storm Wiggle Wart (10-year-old model crawfish. He replaced the hooks with No. 4 Daiichi trebles).

Jig gear: 7'5" G. Loomis flipping stick, same reel, 22-pound Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon, 3/4-ounce homemade Arkie-style jig (black/brown and black/chartreuse), Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver (green-pumpkin).

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