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  1. Sid S.
    Sid S.
    Been a while, but its that time of year again folks get your rods rigged and lines tight!!! Enjoy the spawn!! catch a big one!
  2. Shepherd83
    Injecting molds
  3. Shepherd83
    What they biting on....the end of my line
  4. Rodsam
    Rodsam TW_Staff
    What happened to the wish list?
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  5. Chris Peshoff
  6. Pureprimalketo
  7. BioFluxeKeto
  8. HaydeThaxton
  9. VexGenKeto
  10. jankconzz
  11. gukdw3
    gukdw3 TW_Staff
    How can the skirts on jackhammer chatterbaits be replaced? Seems that original is molded into head.
  12. wilimconz
  13. chris Truman
    chris Truman
    Is T.W. gonna carry this new transducer to sell seperately?
  14. chris Truman
    chris Truman
    I have been some research. Sounds like the current Carbon units can be upgraded to use the new active imaging transducer . True/false?
  15. Sid S.
    Sid S.
    Anyone got any good Baits for dead of winter open water fishing?
    1. Will Meadows
      Will Meadows
      I'm no pro or Elite Bassmaster, but the Savage Gear Titanium Spinnerbait Chartreuse and Arkie Salty Crawlin' Fry have gave me good results. Otherwise, my fish catching machines, Ripple Shads. I have two other go-to-baits and that I go in depth with...
      Oct 23, 2018
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    2. gukdw3
      Can never go wrong with a blade bait
      Jan 23, 2019
  16. Will Meadows
    Will Meadows Sid S.
    Hello Sid, welcome to Tackle Warehouse! I never had success with a buzz bait except in the spawn time of spring. For me it's a soft plastic Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad 4' in Smelt color.
    1. Sid S.
      Sid S.
      Hi will. With the buzz bait it doesn't catch a tone of fish. I fish it in the mid afternoon because that's when the sun is out and is heating up the water. And I fish over sunken logs and trees and or rocks. That's when the Big bass will bite. Plus you can cover a lot of water really fast.

      And I will try the Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad 4' in Smelt color!!!
      Oct 22, 2018
  17. Sid S.
    Sid S.
    I'm going to try and get on the late fall bite, baits of choice are 1) Jerk bait 2) Spinner bait 3) Lip-less Crank bait 4) buzz bait.
  18. Will Meadows
    Will Meadows TW_Staff
    Lunkerhunt Leeches is also another thing to look into. Livetarget Skip Shad, Commotion Shad, Rudd and Roach Swimbait, and the Perch Swimbait are things that need to be posted. Storm WildEye Live Baby Bass Swimbait is something else too. The Lunkerhunt Kraken Spinnerbaits also needs to be added. Please, please, please consider stocking these. Also, can UV Tightlines start adding bags of 8 instead of 4?
    1. TW_Staff
      Please add the requests to our message board "product request" page in the future. Tackle Warehouse plans on bringing in the Skip Shad, Commotion Shad, the Rudd is in stock under Westin Ricky The Roach Lively Rudd 2.75", Storm wildeye we do not plan on stocking at this time, We will be sure to look into the Kraken spinnerbaits.
      Sep 25, 2018
    2. TW_Staff
      Please add your request to our product request page so we can give you an update on these other items in the near future.
      Sep 25, 2018
  19. Will Meadows
    Will Meadows
    PB is 4 or 5 pounder Largemouth. If you ever have any fishing tips or lures, let me know. I don't buy lures above $30.
  20. kroberts9
    not a pro angler but always looking to join a federation and one day I hope it is possible