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  1. Sid S.
    Sid S.
    Anyone got any good Baits for dead of winter open water fishing?
    1. Will Meadows
      Will Meadows
      I'm no pro or Elite Bassmaster, but the Savage Gear Titanium Spinnerbait Chartreuse and Arkie Salty Crawlin' Fry have gave me good results. Otherwise, my fish catching machines, Ripple Shads. I have two other go-to-baits and that I go in depth with...
      Oct 24, 2018
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  2. Will Meadows
    Will Meadows Sid S.
    Hello Sid, welcome to Tackle Warehouse! I never had success with a buzz bait except in the spawn time of spring. For me it's a soft plastic Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad 4' in Smelt color.
    1. Sid S.
      Sid S.
      Hi will. With the buzz bait it doesn't catch a tone of fish. I fish it in the mid afternoon because that's when the sun is out and is heating up the water. And I fish over sunken logs and trees and or rocks. That's when the Big bass will bite. Plus you can cover a lot of water really fast.

      And I will try the Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad 4' in Smelt color!!!
      Oct 22, 2018
  3. Sid S.
    Sid S.
    I'm going to try and get on the late fall bite, baits of choice are 1) Jerk bait 2) Spinner bait 3) Lip-less Crank bait 4) buzz bait.
  4. Will Meadows
    Will Meadows TW_Staff
    Lunkerhunt Leeches is also another thing to look into. Livetarget Skip Shad, Commotion Shad, Rudd and Roach Swimbait, and the Perch Swimbait are things that need to be posted. Storm WildEye Live Baby Bass Swimbait is something else too. The Lunkerhunt Kraken Spinnerbaits also needs to be added. Please, please, please consider stocking these. Also, can UV Tightlines start adding bags of 8 instead of 4?
    1. TW_Staff
      Please add the requests to our message board "product request" page in the future. Tackle Warehouse plans on bringing in the Skip Shad, Commotion Shad, the Rudd is in stock under Westin Ricky The Roach Lively Rudd 2.75", Storm wildeye we do not plan on stocking at this time, We will be sure to look into the Kraken spinnerbaits.
      Sep 25, 2018
    2. TW_Staff
      Please add your request to our product request page so we can give you an update on these other items in the near future.
      Sep 25, 2018
  5. Will Meadows
    Will Meadows
    PB is 4 or 5 pounder Largemouth. If you ever have any fishing tips or lures, let me know. I don't buy lures above $30.
  6. kroberts9
    not a pro angler but always looking to join a federation and one day I hope it is possible
  7. chi
    could you start selling the hummingbird G2N networking series helix models wanting a 7" size
  8. Skeeterdon
    Skeeterdon TW_Staff
    I like to shop and add things to my cart over a period of time. You now add them as I see what I am low on and make one order instead of multiple. Why is it that after a few days, my cart will emptied. I added something every day and today it is all gone.
    1. Will Meadows
      Will Meadows
      The cart will erase everything after 24 hours. If you want to save a "cart" list, make a wish list. I've dealt with this to.
      Sep 24, 2018
  9. Oldnole
    I'm looking for a source to buy Bagley's Diving Rattlin' Killer B in Mustard and Brown Craw, especially Mustard. TW is out of the Brown Craw. Does anyone have any idea where I can get those?
  10. gmsheck
    any word on a father's day sale ?
  11. Chris2065
    I asked awhile back about getting the Nichols sledgehammer jigs and spinnerbaits in the Clent Davis signature colors. Just wandering when those were going to be available there's some really good swim jig colors for here in the south and the large mouth are starting to eat really good thanks.
  12. tflories
    Where can I buy 3 strand braided stainless wire so I can use as weed guards for my jigs that I'm making?
  13. a1712
    a1712 dankhausman
    Message me back a mailing address. I have a few tubes of Shimano Bantam Oil, I'll send some your way. Brian.
  14. tackle maniac
    tackle maniac Mike-RI
    Mike, I would stick with the medium (1/8-1/2). I think the Med. Heavy (1/4-3/4) would be a little to heavy duty and stiff for drop shots. However, a 7 ft. rod might help you launch those flukes and senkos a little further. I only have one spinning rod that I use for bass fishing and it is a 6'10" medium (3/16-1/2) Powell Inferno. I can cover just about any finesse technique with that rod.
  15. Mike-RI
    Mike-RI tackle maniac
    Mining TM, I appreciate all the assistance you add to Tackle Talk.
    I'm getting an Abu Garcia spinning , 6'6", 1/8 - 1/2 oz for tossing Flukes, drop shot and Ned rigging. Is this rod too light ? Would 6'6", 1/4 -3/4 oz be a better choice ?
    Thanks for you input. Mike
  16. VirginiaBassin
    70 Degree Weather in Virginia this Saturday during December. For sure taking this opportunity to hit some local ponds with some buds. Tight Lines.
  17. tackle maniac
    tackle maniac Kickin_bass
    While the Lew's speed spool lfs is your best bet on TW, another good casting reel is the Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier, but don't pay $100 for it. You should be able to catch it on sale for $80 or less some time in the near future. Also, there is a seller on ebay called sportsman's outfitters that sells Daiwa Tatula reels for $96(free shipping). They are legit, I've ordered several reels from them. You should get your rod from TW though, because rods can get damaged easily during shipping and nobody knows how to send rods like TW. Plus if something does happen they will pay the return shipping.
  18. knorman
    I would like to see you guys carry the Hoax Fish Bamboozie Craw. It is a 4" soft plastic big profile crawdad with excellent action. You can check out the video at
  19. captwalleye
    This thing drives me crazy or at least tries too. I get pissed off I'll leave it alone. Anyway....
    I'll keep the sale in mind and go over my list of things (I think) I need.Most likely some line,some spooks,and some hook hangers.
    Those spybaits work you just have to keep slowing your retrive down until you find the one they cannot stand.I took them to Canada with instant success.Only problem was the Pike like them and don't play fair.Now I use a short leader of "Not 2 Kinky",a barrel swivel,and a cross lock connector.That fixed thier wagon.It also gave me a chance with the the Steelhead in Erie too.
    You watch the videos on that lure and they stress light line. I use 6# for the 80s and 10# for the 90s.So far so good.That is a big factor in the presentation line as you can get away with.
    Before this shuts me out let me send it off. Be cool and stay on em! capt/ Andy
  20. Mike-RI
    Mike-RI tackle maniac
    Maniac, When I saw the rod had really light line and lure specs I thought it would be good for fresh. Most of my inshore saltwater fishing is for stripers 20 pounds and up which this rod just wouldn't be suitable for.