Crankbait spinning rod?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Shamus777, Jan 4, 2016.

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    I've noticed over time there really is not alot of spinning rods designed for cranking or top water. The closest thing I've ever found was the shimano teramar with the TC4 construction. There is a shimano compre crank rod but its a baitcaster rod which is also TC4 construction. Do any of you have a spinning rod thats good for cranking or top water you could suggest?
  2. Shamus777

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    Don't answer all at once now lol
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    I don't want to discourage you, but I really think you may want to consider a baitcaster for these techniques. Spinning rods do have their place in the fishing game. I strongly encourage you to try out a casting setup versus the spinning setup. If you decide to go that route, then I think you will get a lot more feedback. Best of luck
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    We agree with dwooten77.

    Spinning rods are useful when you need to throw super small crankbaits/jerkbaits on light line. But chucking and winding a larger crankbait especially the deep divers, you will find a bait caster to be more comfortable.

    Personally, I've done some guiding and we used 6' 6" Med action spinning rods (E6X or GL3 by G. Loomis) for clients that didn't know how or didn't want to learn how to use bait casters. I paired them with a 3000 size Daiwa reels. This combo was a great alternative for 65/78 size pointers, Ricos, Zara Puppies or Super Spook Jr.s and small squarebill crankbaits.

    Hope this helps!

    TW Staff
  5. Shamus777

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    Here is the thing.... I dont use a boat and i only shore cast so i go for distance. I kinda went with spinning because of this. If you can convince me that bait casters cast just as far as spinning from shore with a lipless crankbait i will consider dropping money on a casting setup. Also baitcasters are more expensive overall. Is it worth it? I was looking at the shimano compre crankin rod with the TC4 construction that would be the rod i buy if i went with a baitcaster.
  6. Cjones

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    If you get a quality baitcaster and get it dialed in right you can out cast a spinning reel any day. Dwooten and I just upgraded our 13 concept C with Boca bearings and have doubled the casting distance. My only problem now is I need a deeper spool because I am run short on line with some long cast. Also give FC sniper a try. Good quality line will increase you casting distance as well. But it ain't all about how far you can cast with cranking. Really try to work your baits in and around structure and finesse it in some light cover or along rock piles. Ain't always about turn and burn. Especially this time of year. I really like shimano they make a great product you won't be let down by them. My only issue with shimano is they changed their warranty policy a few years ago. But that's just me being picky. Good luck.
  7. rhouser

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    you can get setup with a small jon boat and trolling motor for 300 bucks, you wont regret it, check out craigslist to get you something cheap to get you out in the water. Good luck
  8. Since I'm not ready/decided on what bait caster I want I had the same question and since I'm a fan of St. Croix I simply asked them and here is their response.


    We’d have a couple spinning rods that would work for crankbaits. They’re in our Tidemaster Inshore saltwater series, but can definitely be used for freshwater fishing.

    TIS70MM 8-17# line, and 1/4 -5/8 ounce lures (shallow to 7-8 foot running depth)
    TIS70MHM 10-20 # line, and 1/2 – 1 ounce lures (mid to deeper running depth)
    TIS70HM 12-25 # line, and 3/4 – 1 1/2 ounce lures (deep running)

    Let me know if you wish to order one or more of these rods. By ordering directly from St. Croix, we have a 30 day return policy, used or unused.



    Dan Levra
    Customer Guide
    St. Croix Rod
    Ph: 1-800-826-7042 ext 114

  9. TW - can you get me this rod
    TIS70MM 8-17# line, and 1/4 -5/8 ounce lures (shallow to 7-8 foot running depth)
  10. Shamus777

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    Didn't know about these.. Thanks man!
  11. No problem, hope it works out. I'm gonna order the MM
  12. EWS772

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    For small light cranks that I need to cast far (sight fishing) and also topwater's ,I use a inshore saltwater rod. It's a G. Loomis Pro Green 7'4 PGR882S.
    I use it with a 4000 Helios & 15lb braid and floro leader at times.
    It works great for twitching small hardbaits also,like rebel wee craws or even small Rapalas & lipless cranks for smallies.
    I have several loomis spin rods and have tried many others also,but this is the rod I prefer to use for what you are talking about. It also works great for even big spooks and the big mirrolure topwater baits.
    The rod was designed for redfish I believe,but it's an awesome Bass too.
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  13. ohioderek

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    Falcon Original 7' Medium

    Done a lot of crankbait and vibee fishing with both the casting and spinning
    model of these rods (7' medium falcon original). Have owned the one spinning rod for 15 years.

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