Feathered treble for walking baits?


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I’m a huge fan of walking baits such as lucky craft Sammy, heddon one knocker spook and original vixen. What these baits have in common is no rear feathered treble so my question is what’s the best way to learn to tie my own feathered trebles without ruining the action of the lures? A problem I commonly run into is with my one knocker spook bait it claims the bait comes equipped w KVD mustard triple grip hooks, but when I purchase said hooks I lose the action of the lure so to sum up my question what styles size and brand hook works best for each lure and finally what materials would I need to tie my own trebles like best feathers best hackle and what size and color thread should I use? I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on subject and I have the vice and spool just looking for a few tips any would be greatly ty god bless!