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Discussion in 'Product Request' started by Josh Crededio, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Josh Crededio

    Josh Crededio New Member

    looking for the color green-pumpkin chartreuse in 2.8 swinging impact fat keitechs I would like to buy a lot
  2. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator

  3. Josh Crededio

    Josh Crededio New Member

    I have emailed Keitech and they said it is a tackle warehouse exclusive color
  4. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator


    This specific color is not offered to us by Keitech USA. We usually receive a shipment of these from Japan. As soon as we have more information on when we will receive that shipment of colors, we will be sure to list them on our website.


    Tackle Warehouse Staff

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