looking for a complete all around rod for $200

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I'm really confused and anxious about getting a new rod. I see all types of rods out their that are awesome from reports but I have no way of testing them myself. I currently have the BPS JM SIGNATURE RTX5 Graphite rod, Omen Black, Exo Tour PT, pedigree by kastking, 2 Halo daylights, fenwick hmx, gander Mt 40 ton toray graph rod, both KVD TOUR rods. Halo starlight serious, and a few quantum kvd graph rods.

I have nothing bad to say about any of my rods being each one has a task it performs for me. But my favorite is the omen and halo. I have been researching the phenix, major craft, shimano cumura-crucial -zodias rods, Kistler helium 3, the croix rage. CAN ANYONE HELP NARROW DOWN MY SEARCH so I'm not pulling out my hair being this is going to be my last rod for a while due to my medical issues. I'very got a lews tournament left hand 7.1.1 reel to go on it. I did spend about 60 dollars more on the reel but I'm hoping to get a nice deal on the rod. All comments are welcome.


all around rod

I would just switch around the rods and reels you have and you might find better combos than you have now.

the fact that you own a dozen rods already- you should at least wait till one of them breaks, or maybe try and sell the ones you don't really like or use that often and then replace them instead of wanting to buy a new one.


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There is a formula to how many fishing rods you should have.
a= the number of rods you should have.
b= the number of rods you currently have.

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I have owned many brands of rods. I purposely bought many different brands over the years until I found what I considered the best (at my price point). I settled on Shimano Curado and Shimano Expride rods.

The most “all around” rid in my opinion is a 7 foot medium power, fast action rod. You can fish 90% of lures width that setup.


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Take a look at Irods. Better than the "name" brands. Lighter, better actions, more durable, less expensive. Check out the comments on this site.