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Discussion in 'Product Request' started by bassdreams, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. bassdreams

    bassdreams Member

    looks like this lure is available in many other amazing colors you are not carrying.
    Especially interested in these colors:

    • nc shell white
    • aurora green perch
    • pearl ayu
    • nishiki
    • striped shad
    • flak flake golden misty
    • ghost pro blue
    • aurora black
    • really any color that you are not carrying.
  2. bassfishr

    bassfishr Member

    I can tell you striped shad in the 100XD is no longer made... Straight from Lucky Craft...

    I've already exhausted a bunch of outlets to get my hands on the 100XD in striped shad, they pretty much don't exist in the U.S., I ended up buying some from Australia and France....
  3. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Super Moderator


    Tackle Warehouse use to carry many of the colors you mentions above. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued off of our site and no longer available for purchase. We wish you luck in your search for the colors.


    TW Staff

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