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Discussion in 'Product Request' started by TW_Staff, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator

    TW Poll:

    Would anyone be interested in air brush kits, spinnerbait/buzzbait molds, lure making components etc...?

    TW Staff
  2. Not for me... i wanna fish... i'll leave the making of baits to the pro's
  3. marledge

    marledge Member

    definitely. the airbrush kit would be great for baits. I'd like to get into that, though I'm not sure how much I'd drop to do it. I would love to airbrush crankbaits.

    I'm cautious with some of this stuff because I have bought spinnerbait/buzzbait kits from other sites that weren't really that great to begin with.

    What other kind of lure making components were you looking to pick up?
  4. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator

    Possibly anything from Do-it that we don't already carry.

    TW Staff
  5. marledge

    marledge Member

    would you be adding something like crankbait or jerkbait bodies?
  6. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator

    At this point in time we are debating whether to bring in lure bodies, lure components, paints, buzzbait blades, clevises,....etc. Anything related to making lures and customizing.

    Let us know, your opinion is very important to us. We can't always bring in everything that is requested but we always will take it into consideration.

    TW Staff
  7. marledge

    marledge Member

    I think people will pick them up if you get some positive reviews. Also, if you guys use them yourselves. But if the jerkbait body doesn't suspend or the crankbait body doesn't track straight, it definitely hurts the repeat customer. If you are going to do it, maybe some how to videos and some performance videos would be excellent. Then again, if I'm the only one that responds to this thread, may not want to pick up any of this stuff.....haha.
  8. richardwpaulsen

    richardwpaulsen New Member

    I would like to see more spinnerbait blade options, specifically oklahoma or wide willow. It's tough to find packaged spinnerbaits that use these blades.
  9. bassncorey

    bassncorey New Member

    Air brush paint

    Has there ever been any thought to Tackle warehouse carrying any air brush paints, like the Createx Wicked color line?
  10. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator

    Link Needed


    If you could please provide us with a link to the item you are requesting, we will be more than welcome to send the request over to our buying department.

    Thank you,

    TW Staff
  11. Sounds like an awesome idea! Would love to have airbrush kits and more lure-making components available for all the bait makers out there!
  12. noah3d

    noah3d New Member

    I think it would be a good idea. I have thought about trying it in the past. I think it would be really cool to include the bait bodies.
  13. bassncorey

    bassncorey New Member

  14. dwooten77

    dwooten77 Member

    I've heard of a paint that will stick to soft plastics, followed by a gloss cover. Kind of like basstrix or stank x lures are made. I would be very interested in those types of products.
  15. smalljaw

    smalljaw Member

    You carry a good selection of skirt material and other things but there is 1 thing that is missing. Spinner blades, I think a decent selection of Worth or Lakeland blades in willow Colorado and Indiana would be fantastic.
  16. dafz7b

    dafz7b New Member

    I agree with the suggestion of a better spinnerbait blade selection. Specifically larger blades, like #7 colorados and willows. We have giant Gizzard shad around here and prefer large blades. Hildebrandt has a great selection, that is the brand most local shops carry.
  17. mjh116

    mjh116 Member

    I'd definitely like that, love to tinker. Plus it's hard to know what's being sold at some these places that sell lure building supplies. Coming from Tackle Warehouse, we know the quality control is in check! I would like to see some different buzz bait blades and in line wires, like the old Hildebrandt and Floyds buzz baits.

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