Power Pro Super Slick vs Sufix 832

Discussion in 'Tips & Techniques' started by Rodney Smith, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Rodney Smith

    Rodney Smith Member

    I have used Power Pro Super Slick and I like it, but was wondering if anyone has used this and the Sufix 832 and could weigh in on which one was better.
  2. stillina99pro

    stillina99pro New Member

    Ive used Suffix 832

    Ive used the Suffix 832 for a while and Ive had it break a few times and im currently looking for another braided line too. I know that a couple of break offs was due to a backlash. I was using 65Lb. too! I think the 832 doesnt handle much abuse so to speak.

    How does the PowerPro handle backlashes or abrasion? Is it soft ?
  3. slipperybob

    slipperybob New Member

    The regular Sufix Performance Braid in 50# and 65# comes in 8 strands and has better abrasion resistance than Sufix 832.
  4. Big John

    Big John New Member

    Both are good

    Ironically, those are the two lines that I have spooled on all of my baitcasters. The Power Pro slick 8 is super smooth and "slick" right out of the box. The Suffix is stiffer and has a waxy coating (probably from the green dye) which eventually washes off and softens up with use. Both are solid lines. The Power Pro tends to absorb water over time and the line may actually increase slightly in diameter, which I believe eventually weakens it. I prefer the Power Pro for frog fishing as it tends to be a bit more buoyant, where the Suffix sinks fast. I prefer the Suffix for jig fishing and bottom presentations. Comparing strength, again, both are solid. All braids eventually wear out if you fish hard. The Power Pro tends to soften up quicker and wear out faster. When this happens, simply reverse the line on the spool and fish the other end till that wears out. Or use it as backing under Floro or mono on your spinning reels to get the max life out of any braid.
  5. spoolnaround

    spoolnaround New Member

    Can't comment on the Suffix but I have Power Pro on my tuna rods as backing and 3 bass rods. After having some issues with a spool of Power Pro (middle of 500 yard spool was dis colored and broken) I tried Tuff Line and have to say it's my favorite so far. It's smooth and less issues than the Power Pro.
  6. Big John

    Big John New Member

    I have tried the new Power Pro Maxcuatro since this last post and have found that it has the best of all properties I'm looking for in a braid. Its thinner, so I can go heavier. Its holds its color and doesnt soften up too much to the point that its absorbs water or begins to unravel. And for whatever reason, it seems to cast further and is more manageable than other lines. At this time, I have since switched most all my reels over to Maxcuatro.
  7. Bigskybasser

    Bigskybasser New Member

    I was just recommending Power Pro Slick on another post. I can't speak for Suffix, but will advocate strongly for PP. It is the best and most limp braid I have ever used.
  8. rabidsquirrel

    rabidsquirrel New Member

    PP Slick 8 is great. Love it for most things. I use regular Power Pro for flipping and punching situations where it is sometimes handy for the line to be able to slice through thick vegetation. I've used Suffix once or twice, but was never super-impressed by it. Don't get me wrong, it performed fine for the most part, it just didn't seem any better than regular Power Pro to me. Slick 8 is expensive, but it has become my go to for most situations.
  9. tackle maniac

    tackle maniac Member

    In my humble opinion Sunline FX2 Braided Line Dark Green is the best braid on the market. There are many good braided lines out there, however FX2 is the only one that actually holds its color. It does not fade very much at all and it is an excellent performing braid. If you guys have never tried it, do yourself a favor and pick up a spool. You might just change your mind about power pro or 832 being the best.

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