Product Request (Laundry List of LC Topwater)


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Lucky Craft:

Sammy 100:

  • Chrome (SM100-074CROM)
  • Green Sexy (SM100-159GNSX)
  • Pearl Flake White (SM100-219PFAY)
  • Flake Flake Male Gill (SM100-228FFMG)
  • Flake Flake Happy Gill (SM100-229FFHG)
  • Sunfish (SM100-240SF)
  • MS Black (SM100-247MSBK)
  • Aurora Gold (SM100-256AGO)

Sammy 115:

  • Green Sexy (SM115-159GNSX)
  • Flake Flake Golden Sunfish (SM115-180FFGSF)
  • Pearl Flake White (SM115-219PFAY)
  • Sunfish (SM115-240SF)
  • MS Black (SM115-247MSBK)
  • NC Shell White (SM115-285NCSH)

Sammy Bug 75:

  • Old Shore Black (SM75BG-0960)

Finally, I'd like to request that someone please clean up the spam all over the boards.

Thank you very much!!