Savage Gear 4D Pulse Tail Swimbait?

Discussion in 'Product Request' started by DarrenLOZ, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. DarrenLOZ

    DarrenLOZ New Member

    Will you be carrying the Savage Gear 4D Pulse Tail Swimbait?
  2. DarrenLOZ

    DarrenLOZ New Member

    BPS has the 6" in stock. I would like both the 6" and 8" versions but I would much prefer to buy them through TW. Any idea of when you, or if, you will be getting these in stock??
  3. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator


    We thank you for your product request. Tackle Warehouse had reviewed this item when it was first released at ICAST. Tackle Warehouse has decided to not stock this item at this time. We will be sure to review the item again at a later time.


    Tackle Warehouse Staff
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