Square Bill Cranking Line

Discussion in 'Tips & Techniques' started by BSor91, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. BSor91

    BSor91 New Member

    Hello everybody I was wondering what kind of line do you guys recommend for shallow square bill cranking around grass?
  2. dwooten77

    dwooten77 Member

    I've never had problems with 10lb fc sniper (sunline). If they're small cranks like a 1.5 strike king square bill, then I could even see going to a 7lb test. I will be trying the new line when it's available, but I can't see how it can much better than it already is. Hope this helps.
  3. BSor91

    BSor91 New Member

    Thanks a lot Dustin, so a fluorocarbon line is better used in this situation compared to a monofilament line?
  4. tackle maniac

    tackle maniac Member

    As with most things in bass fishing it is all about personal preference. I use fluorocarbon coated line, which is a copolymer coated with fluorocarbon. The reason I use it instead of 100% fluoro is simple: #1 it is much cheaper, #2 it handles much better. But be careful, not all fluoro-coated lines are created equal. The only two good ones that I have found are P-line CX Premium and Hi-Seas Grand Slam Fluorocarbon Coated. I like 12 lb. for squarebills. A good mono will work just fine as well. Some folks like to use mono with all their treble hook lures, because they say the stretch allows the fish to get the lure deeper in its mouth and it is harder for the fish to throw the lure. I'm not sure it makes that much difference, but to me fluoro-coated is the best of both worlds and it is cheap.

    You are probably just going to have to try a few different types of line until you find what works best for you. But, at least me and dwooten have given you a good starting point.
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  5. mjh116

    mjh116 Member

    Are you using Baitcasting or spinning equipment? Above grass or next to grass? What depth are you targeting? Do you generally have a line preference, what type of line do you like throwing the best?
  6. WildWill

    WildWill Member

    I've been throwing my squarebills on 17# FC Sniper and haven't had any issues at all. I try and stay around a 3/8 oz weight on all my squarebills but that's only my preference. The biggest I throw is that Evergreen SH-3 which I think is 5/8 oz more or less. In my opinion, that FC Sniper is more flexible compared to Vicious Flouro and also the P-Line Flouroclear that I've tried.
  7. Sid S.

    Sid S. New Member

    In the spring that's when those big fish are going to be up in the 1-4 foot of water spawning so I would use nothing smaller than 12 lb test and nothing bigger that 25 lb test.

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