St. Croix Tournament Bass Series Rods

Discussion in 'Product Request' started by CamoUP, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. CamoUP

    CamoUP New Member

    When looking at the list of TBC series rods and comparing it to St. Croix's website, there seems to be some discrepancies. For example the TBC710 HM is not listed at all and some of the older models from St. Croix are (which I understand remaining stock). Can we order models that are not listed on your website or do we have to go somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. pshu

    pshu New Member

    St. Croix still has the 2017 models on their website. It looks like TW doesn't sell them anymore, but they do have the 2018s.
  3. TW_Staff

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    Tackle Warehouse is unable to make a special order for these rods as we are getting in the new models for the year. The St. Croix Rods we have available for purchase on the site are the only rods we have available for purchase through TW.


    Tackle Warehouse Staff

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