Sufix Siege Clear & Smoke Green

Discussion in 'Product Request' started by Kevin, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Member

    Would like to see you guys carry #17 & #20 test in 1000 yard spools.
    Also carry the Sufix Tritanium Plus
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  2. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Administrator


    We have looked into your product request and the Siege is not available in 1,000 yard spools in the 17 and 20lb in either color. We are now looking into the Tritanium, please check back in a few weeks for an update.


    TW Staff
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Member

    Roger that. Thanks for looking into this.
  4. Kevin

    Kevin Member

    Has T/W made any headway with carrying the Sufix Tritanium Plus?

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