Tickling Eel Grass - Best Baits?

Discussion in 'Tips & Techniques' started by rabidsquirrel, Aug 8, 2018.

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    So the deal is that bass are responding pretty good to baits that tick through or rip out of the tips of eel grass down here in Florida... We're talking shallow cranks and lipless cranks primarily. 5-8' of water where the top of the grass can be almost at the surface to 4 feet down from the surface.

    I'm looking for recommendations on shallow cranks or lipless cranks that are better suited to this type of fishing presentation - tickling the tops of eelgrass (For lack of a better label, term or phrase).

    I would think that some slow sink versions of lipless cranks might work for the eelgrass that is close to topping out at the surface, but I'm not sure of what all is out there in the market in that regard. I'm also not aware of any particular shallow crank that tends to rip free of eelgrass more cleanly than others?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or tips.
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    Ima Suspending Vibration Lipless Crankbait
    Lucky Craft LC SSR Crankbaits
    Megabass S Crank Squarebill Crankbaits

    These should work pretty well for what you described. Also this sounds to me like it would be excellent water to throw a buzzbait or a swim jig in. Here are my favorites:

    Booyah Counter Strike Buzzbaits
    Eco Pro Tungsten Sick Boy Swim Jig

    Try using a bluegill color swim jig with a Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait as a trailer. The 3.8 in Sungill is my favorite trailer for a bluegill color swim jig. It works wonders anywhere bass are feeding on gills.

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