Yamamoto Electric Shad Senkos

Discussion in 'Product Request' started by wcurtiss, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. wcurtiss

    wcurtiss New Member

    I was looking to see if you could bring in Yamamoto 4" & 5" Senkos in the Color Electric Shad #973. This is a great laminate color that TW does not cary for some reason. Thank you so much.
  2. 8timechamp

    8timechamp New Member

    I also would like to see you guys carry this color.
  3. Will Meadows

    Will Meadows New Member

    I too would like this color.
  4. TW_Staff

    TW_Staff Super Moderator


    Tackle Warehouse will be sure to add the Yama 5" Senko Electric Shad. We will also be sure to look into the 4" size. The 5" will arrive on our next order (early November), check back at a later time for more information on the 4".

    We thank you for your product request.


    Tackle Warehouse Staff

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